You’ve made the right choice to switch from smoking to vaping. Now comes the question of how much nicotine you may need to consume from vaping liquids so you don’t have to feel like smoking ever again. As an ex-smoker you know that nicotine is what makes smoking so hard to quit in the first place. It’s undeniably addictive so you have to wean yourself off it in stages. This is where vaping proves a logical choice to giving up nicotine all in one go.


Nicotine intake will always be a factor to consider for all vapers even those who have been vaping for some time. Let’s help you make an informed choice when deciding how much nicotine to go with in your next e-liquid.


Smokers start here…


Many smokers who start vaping do so with disposable e-cigarettes. These usually contain high amounts of nicotine which are close to cigarettes. These cigarette style devices also mimic the sensations of having a cigarette between your finger so the experience feels very similar.


However as time goes on you realise to fully appreciate vaping you need to step up to a stronger more reliable device. When you buy your first true vaping kit or device e-liquids come into play and you need to choose the nicotine content carefully.


If you regarded yourself as a heavy smoker a nicotine concentration of 18mg in your e-liquid will help you sufficiently for your cravings. There are e-liquids available which go up to 24mg and 36mg but remember it’s not only nicotine which helps you stay satisfied.


Vape juices which are based on high Propylene Glycol (PG) are known to give you a stronger throat hit which is unusually close to the smoky feel of a cigarette. So as long as you use 70% PG e-juice you could drop comfortably to an e-liquid of 16mg or even 12mg.


If you were a casual smoker and hardly ever finished a pack in a single day, you can try e-liquids of about 8mg or 6mg nicotine. You could reduce this even further to about 3mg if you were used to but a few cigarettes a day. Remember we’re still talking about using e-liquid of the high PG variety.


… experienced Vapers who crave a smoke


Sometimes a seasoned vaper feels like picking up a cigarette. Usually this is confused as a craving for nicotine when in fact all you really feel for is a satisfying throat hit. So it’s the feeling that you’re after which can be easily reproduced with the right vaping set up.


Using a lower wattage on your mod in combination with a coil of high resistance will give you the throat hits you’re looking for. You can still make use of higher strength nicotine if that’s what you prefer.


Once you start vaping with a solid box mod you will start to use e-liquids which contain much more VG than PG. Here you can get away with much less nicotine since you’re relying on the intake of higher volume vapor.


This applies mainly to sub ohm vaping which ensures your lungs absorb nicotine more readily. That’s why you’ll notice most high VG e-liquids on the market rarely go above 6mg of nicotine. And many long time vapers who were heavy smokers can manage just fine with 3mg nicotine when using 70% VG juice.


Saying goodbye to nicotine


It’s fortunate that virtually every e-liquid manufacturer carries flavours which contain no nicotine at all. Somewhere along the way you may decide to kick nicotine out of your life altogether. You will still be able to enjoy the very same flavours of e-liquid you’re used to but with zero nicotine. At this point you will also realise there’s so much more to vaping than just filling in the gap for smoking cigarettes.