South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

Smokeless cigarettes, like South Beach smoke electronic cigarettes, are basically composed of an aluminum cylinder, a capsule containing liquid nicotine and a lithium battery to make it all work. There is no tobacco to burn. They do not emit smoke. They emit only a water vapor from the nicotine. There are no added chemicals to inhale. There are no second-hand chemicals emitted into the environment.

At first glance, e-cigarettes appear to be exactly like a cigarette made from tobacco. Because the cylinder is composed of aluminum, however, (which is recyclable), the cigarette never burns down in size. They do not cause a foul odor in the environment around the smoker.

People who use them enjoy this factor in addition to the fact that their own breath does not have a foul odor, even after a full day of smoking. E-cigarettes allow former smokers to get their nicotine fix without reverting back to tobacco cigarettes. They do not have to suffer through nicotine withdrawal, nor do they have to resort to patches or gum.

Unlike conventional cigarettes, one cigarette has the capacity to last for several hours. And although they look exactly like conventional cigarettes, they do not behave in the same way. They are smoke-free, tobacco-free and will not accidentally start fires if left unattended.

The people who have tried them like the fact that they can enjoy smoking again inside restaurants, and other areas such as airplanes, which are normally “smoke-free” zones. They can enjoy them outside without encroaching upon anyone else’s sensibilities, health issues, allergies, or personal preferences. In addition, they are happy about the fact that they are not exposing themselves to the harmful, carcinogenic effects of tobacco cigarettes.

Many people who have tried them will not go back to regular tobacco cigarettes. They enjoy the fact that they can save money as opposed to watching their dollars go up in smoke – literally. Many online sites are offering regular and deluxe packages at great prices. Anyone who is interested in making the transition will recognize the savings immediately.

To date, there are only a few brands available online. Each site, however, describes the process, how to purchase and what is offered in their packages. Although the basic electronic cigarette is designed to draw pure nicotine into the lungs, bloodstream, and nervous system, there are several flavors to choose from – to enhance the pleasure of smoking.

The advantages of electronic cigarettes seem to outweigh regular tobacco cigarettes hands down in reducing health risks to the smoker and to others. The stale, acrid odor caused by cigarette smoking is totally eliminated and they are acceptable everywhere – even in non-smoking areas.

The only thing not mentioned in most reviews is whether or not inhaling pure nicotine stains the teeth, gums or tongue. As aforementioned, there are several sites, such as South Beach Smoke, which post testimonials as well as describe, in detail, their e-cigarettes and the process of smoking them. Before trying any new smoking regimen, however, it would be advisable to consult your physician or a healthcare advisor.